11 Month New Home Warranty Inspection

What is an 11 month new home warranty inspection?

When a brand new home gets built from the ground up, most builders will offer a one-year home warranty on the new home.

So, as members of the Florida Association of Building Inspectors we have a personal commitment to our Clearwater FL home buyers to ensure their new home remains solid.

We come out during the 11th month of your builder's warranty and perform a full 4 point home inspection before that builder’s warranty expires.

Our non-invasive inspection is based on observations of the visible and apparent condition of the interior and exterior of the structure, including its major systems and components.

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Following your inspection, you will receive a comprehensive report, complete with photos, that includes information on any material defects observed on the date of the inspection.

With this information, you can take any necessary steps to hold your builder and his subcontractors to their warranties while they’re still in force.

3 Reasons To Schedule an 11th Month Warranty Inspection

  1. The builder is liable for any defects that are found before their one-year warranty expires.
  2. Get legal leverage with documentation and photographs in the event that the defects are not repaired to satisfaction
  3. Take an opportunity to double check your new home's safety with an inspection of all it's major systems including roof, HVAC, electrical systems, interior, exterior and plumbing

Even homes built by the best builders in Pinellas County will still have potential problems to contend with. Plus, most builders contract various aspects of a project out to various subcontractors. So, it is really difficult to make sure all the work is the highest quality. It's next to impossible for the builder to monitor each detail of construction along the way.

Schedule an 11th Month Warranty Inspection today and rest easy knowing that Solid Rock Home Inspections has your best interests at heart.


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