An FHA loan is a government home loan backed by the Federal Housing Association (FHA). They are geared more towards those in need of federal assistance for housing. Because of the government involvement and consumer protection in these types of loans, an FHA inspection is likely to be required to ensure sound structural integrity on the home being purchased. Therefore the standards on these types of inspections are more strict than on other home purchases.

Are FHA Inspections Hard To Pass?

In Clearwater, Florida, all FHA loans require an appraisal. While Solid Rock Home Inspections is not an appraisal company, we can determine whether your new home will pass or fail the appraisal process.

An FHA compliance inspection is different and separate from a 4 point home inspection. First, an FHA compliance inspection is only needed in specific circumstances. For example, if you are purchasing a home that is going through remodeling or if the home is being built from the ground up, then an FHA Compliance Inspection will likely be requested.

FHA Inspections Clearwater Florida

This type of effort is needed for when construction issue need to be corrected should they arise or are addressed during the construction process. The inspections allow the FHA to help protect you and you can relax about completing construction on your new home.

Depending on the nature of the issues being inspected, an FHA Inspection can actually be comprised of a series of inspections, especially if major construction is being performed. A final inspection is also done to find out there are more things which need attention before the government will secure the mortgage.

Items typically requiring an FHA Compliance Inspection:

  • Upgrades to Foundations on Manufactured Homes designated by the Engineer
  • Home repairs requested by the FHA Appraiser
  • Roof repairs specified by a certified Roof Inspector
  • Damage by wood destroying organisms
  • Site issues or grading problems on a Manufactured Home
  • Installation concerns on Manufactured Homes
  • Construction or completion issues on a House
  • Issues regarding septic tanks, wells and chemically treated soil.
  • Additions to Manufactured Houses
  • Verification of the proper completion of a new Manufactured Home or new Site Built Home