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Mold Testing Air Sample

During a standard home inspection, we always count on what we can visually see in the home. If a moisture problem is discovered, we can often see visual signs of mold and damage. However, we have no idea how much mold is present is the air when there is no visible evidence of it. A mold air test can determine how much mold exists by determining the spore count. This can help provide important information about hidden mold damage that may be present elsewhere in the property. We offer mold testing as one of many services we provide along with your home inspection.

When Do I Need To Get A Mold Test?

When you hear of mold problems in the home, you often hear about “black mold”. While many molds are actually black, the most common one found in homes is Stachybotrys Chartarum. At an elevated level, it can be harmful to humans, especially those with sensitivities to mold and fungus.

At Solid Rock Home Inspection, we recommend that anytime you are purchasing a new home, you should get mold testing, especially if the home has been vacant for quite some time or if you suspect that the home has had some kind of water event in the past.

This test can also be performed on the home you are currently living in. A home inspector can search for visible signs of water damage or leaks that may have contributed to mold. However, many times this growth is invisible or hidden. Mold testing can help determine if there is a heightened level of mold spores in the air, which could alert you to possible water damage within the home.

Mold can only grow where moisture is present. While mold is normally present in the air, it does not reach a high level that is harmful unless there is damage from water present in the home. If there is water damage that is not immediately visible to the home inspector, mold testing is an effective way to indicate to the inspector and buyer if a problem exists that should be investigated further.

Solid Rock Home Inspections Mold Testing

How Does Mold Testing Work?

Quite simply, our home inspectors use a pump and air sample collection system that performs a chemical analysis of the air in a home. The system uses cartridges that contain a small slide inside. When air is pulled into the cartridge, microscopic particles within the air sample stick to the slide. Our inspector will perform a test outside the home to use a base level test for comparison. Then several tests are performed inside the common living areas of the home.

How Quickly Do I Know The Results Of A Mold Test?

Once the air samples are collected during mold testing, the samples are then sealed and shipped to a laboratory overnight. At the lab, an analysis of the sample is performed to determine what kind of mold spores are present in the sample and the mold spore count taken at the time of sample.

A written report is then prepared that details the spore type and count detected in each sample. The report will also indicate if the count levels are heightened to harmful levels.

If the report comes back whereby the spore count is at an elevated level as compared to the outdoor sample, it may be an indicator that a problem of mold exposure exists. Based on the information within the report, actions can be taken to further investigate and determine where exactly there may be water damage within the home.

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For the health and safety of the future home owners, Solid Rock Home Inspection recommends mold testing at the time of your home inspection. The turnaround on the test results is often very fast and can provide peace of mind when making a significant investment in a new home.

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