What To Do If Your Home Inspector Discovers Asbestos

As expert home inspectors, we have a large checklist of items we review when inspecting a home or commercial property. From mold inspections to water damage and inspections of a property's foundation, we address every detail of a home before we compile a report. In many cases, abnormalities we find are fairly minor in nature, such as a light switch that needs to be repaired. However, occasionally we come across some major issues in our home inspections. One major concern is uncovering asbestos during an asbestos sampling inspection.

What Is Asbestos?

You may have heard of asbestos. In a nutshell, asbestos is a natural mineral. The natural properties found in asbestos make it an excellent material to prevent against fires. Between the 1940's and 1970's it was added to many common building materials such as:

  • Ceiling Tiles
  • Floor Tiles
  • Insulation
  • Cement
  • Popcorn Ceiling Material
  • Flooring Glue
  • Insulation For Pipes and Heating Ducts
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Is Asbestos Bad For Humans?

Most asbestos based products have tiny fibers that when inhaled, can severely damage the lungs. Cigarette smoking tends to make this worse for obvious reasons. Studies have proven that exposure to asbestos can contribute to lung cancer and mesothelioma.

What To Do If Your Asbestos Sampling Inspection Uncovers A Hazard

If you suspect asbestos may be in the home you are having inspected, be sure to mention this to your Solid Rock Home Inspector. You won't necessarily have a direct answer until all access points are inspected and samples are tested behind walls. After the inspection, we can tell you whether your risk of exposure is high or low.

If asbestos is discovered, the good news is that most material is low risk if it is intact and undisturbed. The risk becomes high when the asbestos based material is moved around or is damaged. That is when the fibers get airborne and cause potential problems.

If your asbestos sampling inspection turns up a positive result for asbestos, leave it alone, especially if it is in perfect condition. Do not try to remove it yourself. Disturbing the material will put you and others in the surrounding area in danger. To remove asbestos, follow these tips:

  • Block Off The Area - Do not let pets or children near the problem areas.
  • Do Not Vacuum - This only spreads the fibers through the air.
  • Call An Asbestos Removal Professional - There are several trained and licensed contractors who can dispose of the material safely

Solid Rock Home Inspections Your Asbestos Sampling Professionals

Given the dangers to human health that asbestos can cause, it is important to trust a licensed home inspection professional like Solid Rock Home Inspections to help you navigate what to do if asbestos is discovered in your home or the home you are purchasing. If you have an older home and think your home may have material made with asbestos, call us at (727) 386-8627 to schedule your home inspection today or contact us through our website here.