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Thermal Imaging
Thermal imaging is an effective, non-destructive method for detecting hidden potential problem areas during a home inspection.

Thermal imaging uses infrared light and is an effective, non-destructive method for detecting potential problem areas during a home inspection in Clearwater, Florida.

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We want to provide our inspection customers the best experience possible, so we use thermal cameras at no additional charge.

With this technology, we can discover areas of heat loss or excess heat in areas not visible to the naked eye. Discovering these areas, tells us there is an issue with water intrusion, poor insulation or bad wiring. We can also detect bug problems, such as termites, inside walls.

Thermal cameras emit infrared light look at naturally emitted infrared or “heat” radiation. From there it is able to produce a heat image of an object. For all objects that emit a heat signature that can be measured, we can use a thermal or infrared camera to capture its thermal image. They can detect where high levels of heat are showing up and also where an excessive blockage of heat is occurring, such as in areas with moisture.

What can Infrared Cameras Do For Me?

Thermal Cameras can detect Energy Loss

  • Air conditioner leaks
  • Damaged radiant heat systems
  • Under fastening or missing framing that could contribute to heat loss
  • Heat loss, air infiltration into walls, floors, ceilings

Thermal Cameras Can Detect Moisture

  • Plumbing leaks
  • Can detect hidden roof leaks before they cause serious damage
  • Missing, damaged or wet insulation
  • Water and moisture at penetrations and foundation where it could cause mold

These infrared camera emit no radiation or x-rays. Under the right conditions, anomalies can be detected that would otherwise remain hidden from a visual inspection alone.

It is important not to let important issues go unnoticed during your inspection. Call us or schedule an inspection appointment today to see what our thermal imaging can do for you.


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