Do We Need A Commercial Roof Inspection?

Is A Commercial Roof Inspection Different From A Residential Roof Inspection?

Depending on the type of building construction and materials used, a commercial roof can be vastly different from that of a roof on a home. Many commercial buildings have flat roofs. Therefore, they use building materials that are specifically designed to accommodate a flat roof surface. Most residential roofs are sloped and constructed using shingles or tile. That being said, a commercial roof inspection can be performed by either a certified property inspector or a commercial roofing contractor. Consequentially, there are benefits and downsides to using either depending on the type of business and its construction.

Should I Get A Commercial Roof Inspection Done By A Contractor?

What Are The Pros?

  • A commercial roofing contractor has intimate knowledge of specific roofing materials used on commercial structures.
  • Likewise, a contractor will understand the strengths and flaws of commercial building materials used.
  • In addition to an inspection, a contractor can offer a quote on maintenance and repairs.

What Are The Cons?

  • Keep in mind, a commercial roofing contractor is going to work for a company that makes its money on roof replacements and will be biased towards replacing a roof when it may not be needed.
  • A sales person working for a roofing contractor may be the one doing the inspection and not the contractor themselves. Thus, the sales person may not have the certifications, license or actual roofing experience to provide an accurate assessment of the roof condition.
  • By the same token, a sales person will be making a commission on top of a salary, which may further contribute to bias of having a roof replaced when it is not necessary.
  • Unfortunately, here in Florida many roofing companies are accused of running fraudulent scams on consumers and businesses alike. Buyer beware.
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Is It Better To Get A Commercial Roof Inspection Done By A Commercial Property Inspector?

What Are The Pros?

  • A Florida residential and commercial property inspector is required by law to be certified, licensed and insured.
  • Your roof inspector has no financial interest in whether a business needs to replace their roof or not. Therefore, there is no bias during the inspection.
  • A commercial property inspector is required to go through special training and may have just as much knowledge about the commercial building process, which includes roof construction.

What Are The Cons?

  • A commercial property inspector may not have construction experience with commercial roofs.
  • Many property inspectors are experienced with home inspections and might not have much experience inspecting commercial roofs.
  • Possible limited knowledge of the pros and cons of specific building materials.
  • May provide only the minimum requirements of an inspection set by the standards required by their license.

How Is Solid Rock Inspections Group Different?

When it comes to getting a commercial roof inspection, there can be issues depending on who you choose. At Solid Rock Inspections Group, we go above and beyond the requirements set by our license to provide the most detailed snapshot of a roof's condition. Using cutting edge technology such as infrared scanners and drones for inspections, we are able to give an accurate reading on how well a roof is constructed.

Our team has carried out thousands of inspections for homes and commercial properties alike. Additionally, we carry certifications for residential and commercial structures. When you need a commercial roof inspection, be sure to choose one of the best property inspection companies in the Tampa Bay area. Call Solid Rock Inspections Group today at (727) 386-8627 or contact us on our website here.

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