What Are The Different Kinds Of Florida Insurance Inspections?

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Home Inspections Are Different Than Those Needed For Mandatory Insurance Purposes

In the state of Florida there are three different kinds of home inspections you will want when looking at changing your insurance policy in any way. Two of these Florida insurance inspections are actually required by the insurance company before they can even issue a policy. The other can help provide discounts on your premium.

However, a standard home inspection occurs when the house is or is going to be on the market for sale. The current homeowner can order a pre-listing inspection before they list the house for sale. In most cases, the buyer of the home orders the home inspection. A home inspection is designed to provide buyers with a snapshot of the current condition of the home before they make a commitment to buy.

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Manadatory Inspections Required By Insurance Companies

4 Point Inspection

For homes that are 30 years old or older, a 4 point inspection is required by the insurance company to determine the condition of the four most expensive components of a home to repair. Those components are the roof, electrical system, plumbing system and HVAC unit. An older home must pass a 4 point inspection before a policy can be written.

Roof Certification

Due to hurricanes and other storms, one of the biggest concerns for homeowners is the security of a home's roof. A roof replacement can cost thousands of dollars and even so, they can take a lot of abuse. Even with a newer roof, there may still be damage that needs to be repaired. That said, for roofs over a certain age, the insurance company will usually require a roof certification detailing the condition of the roof before they can write or renew a policy for your home.

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Get This Inspection To Save Money On Your Home Owner's Policy

There is one kind of inspection that is optional but can help you save money on your policy. That said, every Florida homeowner should consider getting a wind mitigation inspection.

Wind Mitigation Inspections For Insurance

A wind mitigation inspection is also known as a windstorm inspection. These types of Florida insurance inspections take only about fifteen minutes to complete, but can save you hundreds, and maybe, thousands of dollars on your insurance policy depending on the condition of your home.

The purpose of a wind mitigation inspection is to determine how tolerant your home is to be able to withstand strong catastrophic winds in the event of a hurricane. The inspection takes a look at certain items in your home, such as hurricane clips. These items are designed to storm proof the house in some capacity. Additionally, each item carries a percentage discount. So, the more wind mitigating items you have in your home, the bigger the discount.

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