Home Improvement Projects That Increase Your Property Value

Consider making these valuable home improvement projects

Once you become a home owner, it is important to make upgrades that will attract possible future buyers. Plus, the right home improvement projects can help keep your home's value high. Upgrades are essential for improving the appearance of your home, as well as, modernizing its functionality.

If you need ideas on where to start, consider getting a home inspection first from Solid Rock Inspections Group in Clearwater, Florida. A qualified home inspector will point out areas for you that need attention.

Here Are Some Upgrades You Can Make To Your Home That Will Help IncreaSE YOUR PROPERTY VALUE

Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is probably the most important focal point of any home. If there is one thing you you can do to increase your property value, it is to update your kitchen. One method of updating your kitchen can consist of upgrading cabinets and fixtures. However, if your budget is more flexible, you can also consider reworking the entire layout in order to make the kitchen efficient and practical.

Bathroom Remodel

The best home inspection companies in Clearwater, Florida will often tell you that homes that have the fewest repairs to make are dream homes. The bathroom is one of those areas that can come with expected repairs during an inspection unless an upgrade is made to attract potential buyers.

The functionality of any bathroom can be upgraded when adding new fixtures, a toilet or sink. To really make a show stopper of a home, the addition of new lighting, counter tops and cabinets can make a world of difference.

Furthermore, installing low flow shower heads, faucets and toilets can also contribute to your home's overall energy efficiency.

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New Flooring

Adding a hardwood floor or a vinyl plank floor is a great way to add elegance and a low maintenance upgrade in one shot.

A hardwood floor can help increase air circulation in the home, which improves energy efficiency. Hard floors are cleaner as well. They don't harbor mold and bacteria like carpets do.

When adding a hardwood or vinyl plank floor, be sure to ensure proper installation by hiring a licensed contractor.

New Deck

A deck for your home helps increase your outdoor living space, which is important to potential buyers. It can make your yard more attractive and also increase the square footage of your home. The square footage is used to calculate a home's worth.

Depending on where the deck is installed, it can also improve a home's curb appeal and set it apart from other houses in the neighborhood.

Fresh Coat of paint

New paint is one of those home improvement projects that improves a home's marketability. It can also help address repairs needed for wood rot. Whether you paint inside or out, a new paint job can dramatically change the appearance of your home. It can make interiors feel more cozy. It can make dark areas appear lighter. It can have a strong influence on potential buyers as well.

Call Solid Rock Inspections Group Before Starting Any Of Your Home Improvement Projects

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