How Florida’s SB2-D Law Will Impact Home Inspections

As Tampa Bay homeowners, we know the impact property damage can have on our finances and daily lives. That's why Florida's SB2-D Law, is stirring up questions and controversy. Also known as Florida Statute § 553.844(5), SB2-D impacts insurance coverage by requiring additional home inspections. By understanding this law and taking proactive steps, we can help you navigate the changes smoothly and protect our properties.

Understanding Florida's SB2-D Law

Solid Rock Inspections Group expects that Florida's Senate Bill SB2-D (Statute § 553.844(5)), enacted on January 1, 2021, will significantly impact homeowners and property insurance providers in the Tampa Bay area. Florida's SB2-D Law requires residential property insurers to consider a home’s wind mitigation features before determining premium rates or renewing coverage.

We believe this legislation will benefit homeowners who have invested in fortifying their properties against wind damage by installing impact-resistant roofs, storm shutters, or other structural upgrades. Insurance providers should offer premium discounts and incentives to homeowners with wind-resistant properties. Homeowners lacking these features may face higher premium rates or non-renewal of their policies.

To prepare for changes in policy rates or coverage resulting from SB2-D, we recommend that homeowners schedule a wind mitigation inspection with a certified inspector like Solid Rock Inspections Group. The inspection will evaluate the home’s wind mitigation features and provide a report to submit to insurance providers demonstrating the property’s resistance to wind damage. Homeowners may use these reports to negotiate lower premiums or maintain existing coverage.

In summary, SB2-D should motivate homeowners to invest in wind hazard mitigation and strengthen their properties against storms. By taking proactive measures like professional inspections and structural upgrades before the law takes effect, homeowners can secure the most affordable and comprehensive coverage for their needs. Solid Rock Inspections Group is prepared to provide homeowners with the guidance and services to benefit from this new legislation.

How Florida's SB2-D Law Impacts Home Insurance Inspections

As home inspection professionals in Florida, we closely follow changes in legislation that affect our industry and clients. Senate Bill SB2-D (SB2-D), Florida Statute § 553.844(5), significantly impacts homeowners and the home inspection process.

SB2-D requires residential property insurers in Florida to inspect insured properties every 5 years. These mandatory insurance inspections aim to identify necessary repairs and ensure the home remains insurable. Homeowners will receive notice from their insurer when an inspection is due.

To prepare for an insurance inspection, we recommend homeowners address any previously noted defects or maintenance issues to mitigate risks, and complete necessary renovations or repairs ahead of the scheduled inspection date. Homeowners should also review their policy details to understand specifically what aspects of the property the inspection will cover, which may include the roof, electrical systems, plumbing, HVAC, attic, insulation, and structural elements.

The insurance inspector will thoroughly evaluate the property to determine if conditions meet the minimum requirements for continued coverage. Homeowners who fail to remedy serious defects or safety hazards risk policy cancelation or non-renewal. However, minor issues typically result in a follow-up inspection to verify corrections before any adverse action is taken.

In summary, SB2-D aims to promote safer, more insurable properties through mandatory periodic inspections. Homeowners in Florida should understand how this legislation impacts them and take proactive steps to prepare for their next insurance inspection. By working together, we can achieve the goal of safer homes and continued coverage for our clients.

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Preparing for Your Next Roof Inspection Under SB2-D

We recommend homeowners take several measures to prepare for roof inspections under the new SB2-D law. As professional home inspectors, we aim to provide comprehensive yet constructive evaluations to help homeowners identify and remedy any issues to meet updated building standards.

First, review the specifics of Florida's SB2-D Law and schedule a pre-inspection with a certified home inspector. We can evaluate your roof system and attic to check for any visible signs of water or structural damage and ensure proper ventilation and insulation. If any repairs or replacements are needed, we suggest addressing them promptly to avoid potential insurance claim denials down the road.

Second, clear your attic and any access points to the roof of debris to allow for a thorough inspection. Check that all attic doors, hatches and panels are securely in place and provide easy access. Remove any stored items that may obstruct our view.

Finally, gather all documents related to your roof system, including the installation date, specifications, warranty information, and any subsequent repair or replacement records. These provide critical details about your roof’s age, components, and history to properly assess its current condition. If any records are missing, try to locate them or get replacement copies from contractors.

Providing a well-maintained, up-to-date roof system and related records will demonstrate your due diligence as a homeowner and facilitate an efficient, comprehensive inspection. We aim to work with you to identify any issues, make recommendations to meet updated building codes, and provide peace of mind that your roof system is secure and compliant under SB2-D. Following these best practices will help ensure your roof’s longevity and continued insurance coverage going forward.

Call Solid Rock Inspections Group For Your Next Insurance Inspection

Florida homeowners should be aware of the potential impacts of Florida's SB2-D Law on their home inspections and insurance policies. By understanding the requirements of the law, inspecting their properties proactively, and taking steps to mitigate risks, homeowners can position themselves for the most favorable insurance terms when their policies are up for renewal. While the long-term effects of the legislation remain to be seen, homeowners who educate themselves and act prudently will be best prepared as the new inspection regime takes hold across the state. To get started, call Solid Rock Inspections Group today at (727) 386-8627 or contact us on our website here.

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