Ten Things To Look For When Buying A Home

When Buying A Home, There Are Some Important Things To Do To Protect Yourselkf From A Bad Investment

Buying a home is exciting. However, if you choose a lemon, the experience can quickly turn to stressful and expensive. Below are 10 things we here at Solid Rock Inspections Group think you should be on the lookout for when making that purchase.

Ten Critical Things To Do Before Buying A House

Figure Out What Your Deal Breakers Are

Understand you may discover some homes in need of repair. Before you even look at houses, take a minute to realistically consider how much or what kind of repairs you are willing to take responsibility for. If you buy a property cheap that ends up having extensive damage, you might end up with a major headache instead of a good deal.

Look Beyond The Color

When you walk into a house, pay close attention to any cracks or repairs you see. Even if they seem small, they could be the result of something more major going on. For example, if you see cracks above doorways or around windows, it could be a sign of structural damage or movement. Look for evidence of drywall repairs in the bathroom. This could be an indicator of a plumbing leak that was concealed, which could be an indicator of a mold problem.

Can You Make Exceptions With An Older Home?

As you might guess, with an older home comes more maintenance. An older home may have several issues that need to be addressed just to bring it up to code. Furthermore, older building materials may not have held up over the years and need to be replaced. For example, materials that contain asbestos could prove problematic if they don't get removed and replaced. Cast iron waste pipes may also have damage that needs to be dealt with. So, when it comes to an older home, be sure you know what you are getting involved with.

Recognize A Roof In Need Of Repair

Do your own quick roof inspection and be sure to check when the roof was last replaced. Depending on materials used, shingle roofs can have a lifespan of 15 to 40 years. That being said, many insurance companies won't even insure a house with an older roof. So, if the home you want to buy has an older roof, it can give you leverage on negotiating the price. Replacing a roof can be very expensive.

Check The Plumbing

Look underneath sinks to inspect for evidence of drips and leaks. Drywall repairs behind the shower area in the next room could be evidence of a leak behind the wall, which can ultimately cause a mold problem. Learn more about what kind of drainage system the house uses and learn as much as you can about how the plumbing is handled in a house you want to buy.

Solid Rock Inspection Group, Clearwater, FL, Buying A Home In Tampa Bay

Check The Land

When buying a house, you want to make sure the property is not prone to flooding. Check the area's flood zones and where the property sits. Make sure driveways are not shared. Check any fencing that may exist.

Touch Everything

If you are truly interested in a property, make sure everything works the way it should. Run any system you can get your hands on. Run showers, bathtubs, air conditioning units, turn lights on and off and ceiling fans just to name a few.

Pay Attention To Your Sense Of Smell

Walk the property and take note of any strange smells such as cigarettes or moldy type odors. Sewage odors can indicate a larger problem such as a drainage pipe broken by tree roots. If you are interested in a property, Solid Rock Inspections Group can inspect the sewage lines to make sure any drainage problems won't come back to haunt you later.

Make Sure The Home Is Properly Insulated

You want to be comfortable in your own home, especially here in Tampa Bay. Make sure the attic is well insulated, along with any pipes for gas or plumbing. Proper insulation is designed to keep you cool during the summer and warm in the winter. It can also keep your energy costs down. Check for double pane windows as well. This is another form of insulation that can cut your cooling costs.

Be Sure To Have A Home Inspection Done

We can't this enough. Don't skip the home inspection. It doesn't matter if the home is new construction or an older home. Always get a home inspection. Furthermore, when you do get a home inspection performed, make sure it is with a licensed and InterNACHI certified home inspector. The best home inspector is your first line of defense for finding potential issues with a home you may be buying. If anything is discovered, your home inspector will help you understand the impact they could have and what to do about them. Always be present for your home inspection and stay the entire duration so you know what was found.

When Buying A Home, Call Solid Rock Inspections Group For The Best Home Inspection In Tampa Bay

Buying a home is a serious investment. Be sure to be on the lookout for the not so obvious details and your purchase will be a breeze. Call Solid Rock Inspections Group when you need that property inspection done fast. Call (727) 386-8627 or contact us on our website here. We look forward to serving your home buying needs.

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