What To Do When The Seller Won’t Make Repairs After A Home Inspection

Here Is What You Can Do If A Seller Won't Make Repairs On The Home You Want

Hunting for the perfect home here in Florida can be exhausting, especially in a seller's market. This one is too small, that house is out of your budget and the one you thought was perfect has a few too many flaws after a home inspection. Your realtor will probably tell you that you are well within your rights to request that a seller make repairs prior to closing. However, a seller is also within their rights to say "no". So what do you do when a seller won't make repairs? When this happens, you certainly have a few options to consider.

So The Seller Won't Make Repairs? What Are The Deal Breakers?

When you are provided with your home inspection report, be sure to read it very carefully. Here at Solid Rock Inspections Group, we do our best to submit reports in basic layman's terms. However, if there is jargon you are not familiar with, be sure to ask your home inspection company to clarify.

No home is in perfect condition. Even new home construction has defects. That being said, it is also important to note that not everything that gets marked on a home inspection report is deemed as a health or safety risk to your family. Some things may be visibly old and in need of replacement, such as peeling wallpaper or a new carpet. There could be other DIY projects like replacing outlets that cost less than $100 to repair.

Of course that isn't without saying that major problems may be discovered such as the need for a new roof or extensive termite damages. If the seller won't make repairs in these areas, you have to decide if they are deal breakers or not. Your realtor will likely have enough experience to be able to guide you through that decision.

If The Seller Won'T Make Repairs, Try Negotiating On Price First

It is a very common practice to negotiate on price based on what was discovered in the inspection. Obviously, if the seller won't make repairs after an inspection, that means you will have to make the repairs yourself. If you need to replace a few outlets or light switches, that's probably no big deal. However, if the home needs a new roof or all new windows, you're going to want the price reduced in order to compensate for those repairs.

Your real estate broker is the most important person during the home buying process. An InterNACHI certified home inspection company like Solid Rock Inspections Group is your expert at knowing the condition of a home, but your real estate broker understands what a home is actually worth. They can help you determine what is a fair asking price based on the home's current condition.

As a buyer it can seem frustrating that a seller won't make repairs when asked, but the seller saying "non" can actually give you the upper hand in negotiations. If you walk away from the sale, the seller is now required by law to disclose the defects to other future buyers, which means the value of the home will go down.

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Remember, You Can Always Walk Away

Your ability to effectively negotiate depends largely on whether it is a buyer's market or a seller's market. If it is a buyer's market, it will be much easier to negotiate a lower asking price and set a closing date. In a seller's market, there may be several buyers right behind you that are willing to pay a premium for a fixer upper type of house. As long as your asking price is based on the condition of the home after inspection, you are always entitled to simply walk away from the sale and find a home that best suits you and your needs.

You Can Pay For The Repairs Yourself

You may decide it is really no big deal that the seller won't make the repairs after the home inspection. When asked to make repairs, the seller will likely be motivated to cut corners in order to get the job done as soon as possible. They may hire inexperienced and unlicensed contractors to do the work or simply do the work themselves in order to save money.

However, be careful about being victimized by the seller's money saving tactics. In our opinion, it is best to negotiate a fair price and then find reputable contractors to get the work done yourself. That way you can determine who is doing the work and make sure it gets done right the first time.

Call Solid Rock Inspections Group For The Best Home Inspection Reporting In Tampa Bay

What is discovered during a home inspection can make or break your home buying experience. Buying a house is going to be one of the biggest purchases you will ever make and hiring an experienced residential home inspection company is critical to knowing what you are spending your money on. You need to be able to trust the reporting you get back from your home inspection and that starts with knowing the reputation of the company you are working with.

It is true that once in a while a seller will refuse to make the needed repairs after an inspection. However, if you are able to convince them to ultimately make the repairs, we recommend contacting a home inspector to ensure the repairs we done properly.

At Solid Rock Inspections Group, we pride ourselves on the accuracy of our reporting. Our inspection reports are detailed and easy to read. Call us at (727) 386-8627 today or contact us on our website here to schedule a home inspection you can rely on.

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