The Importance Of Getting New Build Home Inspection

What You Need To Know About New Build Home Inspections In Pasco County

We find that many new home buyers in Pasco County overlook the critical importance of a professional new build home inspection when purchasing a newly constructed residence. Having an experienced, licensed home inspector thoroughly evaluate all systems and components can potentially uncover issues that may be safety hazards, functionality concerns, or defects covered under warranty. In fact, there is a variety of common problems that can arise in new construction. Improper installation and defective materials are quite common in new home construction projects. A comprehensive new construction inspection from Solid Rock Inspections Group should be an essential safeguard even before the walls are put up.

Why New Build Home Inspection in Pasco County Is Crucial

One might think that a brand new home is free of defects. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. We strongly advise our clients to schedule a new construction home inspection. Even newly built homes can have issues that may not be immediately apparent. An InterNACHI certified home inspector can identify any problems early on so they can be properly addressed.

Structural Integrity

The foundation and frame of a new home should be carefully evaluated. Improperly poured concrete or framing that is not properly secured can compromise the home’s structural integrity.

Plumbing and Electrical Systems

Plumbing and electrical systems in new homes can also have defects that lead to costly repairs down the road. We test all plumbing fixtures, piping and connectors to ensure there are no leaks or pressure issues. We also check that the electrical system is effectively grounded. Ensuring  there are enough outlets, switches, and breakers for the size of the home is important as well.

HVAC and Insulation

The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems should function properly in a new home. An inspector will confirm the HVAC units are the proper size for the home and are installed correctly. We also check that insulation in the attic, walls and crawl spaces meets the recommended R-values for your particular home.

What We Look for During a New Construction Inspection

We have done enough inspections at Solid Rock Inspections Group to know that there are many issues that could arise during construction that might not meet building code or impact the home's structure.

Foundation and Framing

The foundation and framing are essential to a home's stability and longevity. We carefully examine the concrete foundation for any cracks or uneven surfaces. We also inspect the wood or steel framing for secure connections, proper spacing, and untreated wood.

Plumbing and Electrical

Brand new plumbing and electrical systems can still have defects that cause problems. We test all plumbing fixtures, water pressure, and check for any leaks. We also evaluate the electrical panel, wiring, and fixture installations to ensure they meet safety standards. It's best to identify any plumbing or electrical problems before the drywall and siding are installed.

HVAC and Insulation

The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system and insulation are essential for energy efficiency and comfort. We assess the HVAC system for the proper installation and test its functionality. An improperly installed HVAC system can lead to high utility bills, indoor air quality problems and poor temperature control.

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Hiring a Professional Home Inspector for Your New Build Home

For residents in Pasco County building a new home, it is in our best interest to ensure your new home is built right the first time. We suggest a thorough inspection before the walls go up and then a second evaluation of the property once construction is complete.

Experience and Training

Professional home inspectors have the necessary experience and training to spot issues that the untrained eye would likely miss. At Solid Rock Inspection Group, we know where and what to check in a new build home. Our inspectors stay up to date with building codes and standards in Tampa Bay. Therefore, we can determine if anything was overlooked during construction.

Peace of Mind

A comprehensive home inspection provides peace of mind that your sizable investment is sound. We make sure to test all major systems like electrical, plumbing, HVAC, appliances, and ensure the home’s structure is stable with no signs of improper crasftsmanship.

Negotiation Leverage

Should an inspector find any defects or code violations, this gives us leverage to negotiate with the builder. They can have necessary repairs made at no cost before closing the sale or discount the sale price. No new home is perfect, but we want to avoid being stuck with expensive repairs down the line that were the builder’s responsibility to fix. A new build home inspection creates accountability and helps to guarantee you are getting what we paid for—a well-built, brand new livable home.

If You Are Building A New Home In Pasco County, Call Solid Rock Inspections Group To Make Sure It Is Built Right

While the building process may seem flawless on the surface, hiring a professional inspector can uncover issues that may go unnoticed and cost thousands of dollars down the road. Protecting your brand new investment with a thorough inspection gives you peace of mind knowing your new property meets he necessary safety standards. If you are building a new home in Pasco County, be sure to have it inspected. Call Solid Rock Inspections Group today at (727) 386-8627 today to inspect your new build or contact us on our website here. An inspection provides essential insight into your home's quality and condition before closing. Don't leave it to chance - let the experts take a comprehensive look, so you can rest assured your new home is move-in ready.

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