What Is An 11 Month Warranty Inspection?

The Importance of 11 Month Warranty Inspections for New Homes

As homeowners in Tampa Bay, we understand the excitement of moving into a brand new home. The process of building and customizing your dream house is thrilling. However, the workmanship of any construction project can involve flaws that may not be immediately apparent. This is why a comprehensive 11 month warranty inspection is crucial. Understanding what a home warranty inspection entails can bring awareness to the kinds of issues commonly discovered. Furthermore, taking advantage of this important service protects your investment and helps residents feel confident their beautiful new home is structurally sound.

Why Is A Warranty Inspection Crucial For New Homes?

Upon receiving a certification to occupy the new home, all warranties for the home go into effect. This includes the standard one-year structural warranty. While certain major systems like foundations and roofs may have extended coverage periods, most elements used on a daily basis are only guaranteed for twelve months. Following this initial period, any needed repairs or replacements become the responsibility of the homeowner.

The customary 11-month post-closing inspection is conducted by a licensed property inspection company, like Solid Rock Inspections Group. Contrary to assumptions, reputable construction firms welcome these inspections. In fact, they prefer inspectors identify existing issues and document them. For this reason, a builder can remedy the issue, instead of face potential litigation down the road. In many cases, dissatisfied owners will try to recover damages after many legal warranties concluded at the 14-month mark. A warranty inspection helps prevent all that.

Contractors stand ready to return and fix or swap out covered items while the development remains under warranty. Relationships with any subcontractors or suppliers involved also remain in place.

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What Are The Most Common Issues Found During An 11 Month Warranty Inspection?

With all the new construction happening in Pasco and Manatee counties, we frequently conduct 11-month warranty inspections on newly constructed properties. These inspections are critical because they allow homeowners to identify issues that may not have been caught during the initial pre-closing inspection or that have developed over the first year of occupancy.

Foundation Problems

One of the most serious issues we find are foundation problems like cracks in concrete slabs. While some minor cracking is normal as a house settles, larger cracks may indicate structural issues that require foundation repairs to prevent further damage.

Roofing Errors

Another common problem is roofing errors like improperly installed or damaged shingles, flashing, gutters or vents. These kinds of issues allow water to penetrate into the attic space or walls, potentially causing water damage, mold growth and high energy bills.

Plumbing And Electrical Issues

New homes can also experience “growing pains” with plumbing and electrical systems as all parts settle into functioning together. An inspector will test all plumbing fixtures, water heaters, sump pumps, etc. and circuit breakers, wiring, outdoor lighting, etc. to identify any issues from installation or product defects covered under warranty.

If You Have Moved Into A Newly BuilT Home, Schedule An Inspection Today With Solid Rock Inspections Group

The excitement of moving into a newly built home is undeniable. However, it is crucial not to let that excitement overshadow the importance of having a trained professional inspector complete a comprehensive 11 month warranty inspection. Don't assume that just because the home is newly built that serious issues can't develop in important systems like the foundation, roof, plumbing and electrical. If you have moved into a newly constructed home, be sure to schedule a home warranty inspection with Solid Rock Inspections Group today. Call us at (727) 386-8627 or contact us on our website here. Protect the value of your investment by scheduling a thorough 11 month warranty inspection. Let us help you keep your beautiful new home functional for years to come.

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