Can A Home Inspection Be Included With The Closing Costs

Solid Rock Inspections Group Now Offers Home Inspections That Can Be Included With Your Closing Costs

A home inspection is designed to help provide home owners with valuable information about the home they are buying so they can avoid costly repairs or even help them negotiate the price. There are always repair and maintenance concerns in any home that are not always obvious to an untrained eye. Hidden problems with the roof, electrical system, plumbing or HVAC system can run thousands of dollars if not detected through a home inspection. Even a home that is beautifully designed and even brand new homes can have substantial problems to deal with. Its clear that when buying a new home, a home inspection is critical, but not many understand when and how it is paid and whether it can be included with the closing costs or not.

What Is Included In My Closing Costs?

In most residential property sales, the closing costs usually include things like taxes, lender's fees, insurance, broker's fees and title company fees to name a few. The title company will collect the invoices due and post them in the sale documents. Buyers are usually alerted a few days in advance of the actual closing costs, so they can prepare the necessary funds to ensure they are paid. In most cases, a home inspection is not part of the fees and is not included with the closing costs. However, that is all about to change.

Solid Rock Inspection Group, Clearwater, FL, Pay At Closing Inspection

Now You Can Push Payment Of Your Home Inspection To The Closing

Because it is considered an optional service and not a requirement of the transaction, home inspections are usually not included in the closing costs. However, Solid Rock Inspections Group's Pay At Closing Program now allows home buyers to select the option to pay for their inspections within the closing costs. Some home buyers may be trying to reserve their cash flow or may be hesitant to put charges on their credit card while negotiating a mortgage. The new Pay At Closing Program is designed for buyers in mind and the best thing about it is that there is no additional fee to have your home inspection paid with your closing costs.

The Pay At Close Program is handled by Guardian Inspection Payments and is designed to give the buyer peace of mind and take the stress off of having to make an extra payment during the sale process.

If My Inspection Can Be Included In The Closing Costs, When Is The Best Time To Order One?

Because of how valuable the information is in your home inspection report, it is important that you utilize the report as much as possible. In your home sales contract, there is often a contingency period listed at the beginning of the process. During this period, you can back out of the agreement without losing your money or have the ability to negotiate the price of the sale. It is best practice to order your property inspection during this contingency period. Ordering the inspection right away during this period allows time for the inspector to report their findings and to negotiate on price if it is needed due to required repairs.

Schedule Your Pay At Close Inspection From Solid Rock Inspections Group Today

A home inspection is not a required part of the buying process, but it does help buyers avoid mistakes so they can make a smart buying decision. If you have recently gone under contract, now is the time to schedule your home inspection.  Learn more about pay at closing inspections with Solid Rock Inspections Group, call us at (727) 386-8627 today or contact us on our website here. We look forward to serving you and protecting your largest investment, your home.

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